About the Authors

Warren S. Moore IV, M.S. Ed.

Warren has worked in a variety of professional capacities. After earning a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Design, he served as a 4-H program director. Here his eyes ere opened not only to the many challenges facing our youth, but also his desire to be a resource for this population. He has also served as a corporate trainer for the federal government, where he refined his curriculum development an delivery skills.

Warren believes that every child, of every walk, of every city should have an opportunity to grow and make the most of themselves. Learn to Fish is the first step in a walk of encouragement and empowerment to future leaders. 


April W. Solomon

For over a decade, April has provided consulting and various business support services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her focus is to empower business owners by means of their brand’s image as well as through strategies that encourage building and maintaining strong client relationships.

 In between consulting with clients, April enjoys serving as an Adjunct Instructor facilitating subjects such as Marketing, Business Management, and Personal Selling. In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family.



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